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Bible Reading Challenge 60 – Week 8

This week, I seemed to linger in Ecclesiastes! This is not good for a Bible Reading Challenge 60 time-wise, but some it is some reading that calls for extended pondering. Am I living my life in vain? Am I living for the purposes God created me? Am I purposefully living? Is my life counting for Christ? What are your answers to these questions?

Day 50: Proverbs 20-22

Day 51: Proverbs 23-31

Day 52: Ecclesiastes 1

Day 53: Ecclesiastes 2-4

Day 54: Ecclesiastes 5-6

Day 55: Ecclesiastes 7-12

Day 56: Isaiah 1-15


Week 4: Proverbs 20-Isaiah 15 [39]


Chapters: [670/1189]

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