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Bible Reading Challenge 60 – Week 9

Day 60 has come and gone! My goal was to read the Bible through in 60 days, but it has turned out that I have read 60% of the Bible in 60 days! So I will continue reading and aim to finish reading the remaining 40% of God's Word in the next 60 days! I wish I had attempted this Bible Reading Challenge 60 long ago. It is helping me in many ways. A few include accountability, flexibility, discipline, schedule & priority awareness, listening, studying, and more. Try it! You'll like it!

Day 57: Isaiah 16-19

Day 58: Isaiah 20-23

Day 59: Isaiah 24-26:12

Day 60: Isaiah 26:13-Isaiah 31

Day 61: Isaiah 32-66

Day 62: Jeremiah 1-13

Day 63: Jeremiah 14-34


Week 9: Isaiah 16-Jeremiah 34 [100]


Chapters: [770/1189]

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