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I Want to Be a Crown!

"A virtuous woman is a crown to her husband: but she that maketh ashamed is as rottenness in his bones." -Proverbs 12:4

I desire to be a VIRTUOUS (strong, able, efficient, wealthy, army-like) WOMAN and a CROWN (a beautiful ornament, a dignity) to my husband. Only as I live in the Spirit, can I be that virtuous woman which results in being a blessing to my husband.

If my goal is to please God first by following His promptings, I will be blessed in the reward that I am pleasing my God. Being a blessing to my husband will be a by-product of my obedience to God.

The word definitions of "virtuous" may appear to be of physical nature, but "virtuous" is an inner quality. It is not confined to the description of "she can do this, and she can do that" though that may well be true. A "virtuous" woman first "is."

…strong in the Lord, confident in His working

…able to rejoice at what God can do, and because of this, able to carry on in difficulty

…efficient in her time and in the work entrusted to her

…rich in God – realizing her worth and value as a woman created and loved by an Almighty God, and

…possessing a mighty spirit to fight the forces of evil in her personal life and for others.

When I am walking closely with my King – Almighty God, I find myself living honorably and my husband feels respected by me. When I have moved even slightly away from the "royal road" of walking with God, I have doubted God's goodness and promises. I then sadly realize my actions or reactions are not honorable, which then leads to my contribution to an unhealthy relationship with my husband. The Lord is merciful and welcomes me back to our "royal road."

How do I become a crown to my husband – surely, a good desire? Be a virtuous woman.

How do I become a virtuous woman? It begins with walking with the King of Kings Who has the power to make me a crown.

I want to be a crown. How about you?

♥ Jeri Lynn

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