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Light my Candle

Today, I made many mistakes, from burning supper, to responding in irritability, to being a day late to register my church ladies for a conference, to disappointment in not accomplishing MY superwoman list, etc… I awoke at an unusually early hour, and had a notion to light all the fall candles.There are several in different rooms due to a recent storm and power outage. After I realized how I seemed to be spending most of my day fixing what I messed up, I was reminded of Psalm 18:28. "For thou wilt light my candle: the LORD my God will enlighten my darkness." There is Light in my darkness; there is Rest in my busyness; there is Strength in my weakness; there is Beauty in my brokenness; there is Mercy in my need; and, there is Peace in my trouble. There was no spiritual power in lighting fall candles today, but the candles reminded me that within my heart, I have all the Rest, Strength, Beauty, Mercy and Peace that I need for each day. I have Jesus.

When I let Jesus "light my candle" in my heart, all the cares of this world dim that cloud my perspective. When I let Jesus "light my candle" in my heart, my family can see past me and my failings to see Jesus clearly. This is my prayer – to live with a bright spirit – the Spirit of Jesus Christ in me.


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