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Mothers – In the Midst of Doing It All

Does your house ever seem like it is "GRAND CENTRAL STATION"? Mine does quite often. With nine children ranging from college-age to preschool-age in our family, there is no lack of activity, noise, challenges or chores. It was never in my dreams to have a large family, but just how God LED and BLESSED our family. I do NOT know the incredible depth of pain that some who are very dear to my heart experience in God's choice for them of no children. I do NOT know how it is to only have one or two or three or four or five or six or seven or eight. I do NOT know how it is to have only girls or only boys. I DO know how it is to have my life – the journey God planned for me. I do KNOW I am BLESSED by God. I do know that I NEED HIM desperately. On occasion, I have answered questions of concerned folks with a question: Which ones should I send back? Of course, that question is never answered because even though motherhood is a lot of work, it is greatly rewarding. Each child is a unique gift – created, fashioned, and designed by the hand of God.

As we make preparations for our oldest two children to go to college in a few days, reflections flood my heart. While I am happy they will be happy where they will be, I will miss them terribly. Providentially, the Lord brought this post across my reading today: "If I Could Do It All Over Again." (click here to read) And if I could, I WOULD. I do not know the author, but her WISDOM to younger mothers is greatly appreciated by this mother of nine – still IN THE MIDST of "doing it all."

Of course, if I COULD do it all over again, I would do it BETTER – knowing what I know NOW. While our children grow up, so do we as mothers. We learn as we go. We learn as we are teachable. We learn as we seek the Lord. We learn through age and experience. When I reflect on my motherhood journey, I assume I am not alone as a mom in wishing I had had God's wisdom in certain areas. I am thankful for my God of grace Who can work through my weaknesses, and Who gives me strength to do what He has called me to do. Because of Him, I can say that I WOULD DO THIS ALL OVER AGAIN.

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