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Old Truth for Young Men & Women

"So let your light shine that men may admire neither the lamp-stand nor the wick, but the glory of the light of God radiating from you. Such a soul will be true, v. 17; will be wise, v. 18; will eschew tale-bearing and flattery, v. 19; will honor the parents that gave it birth, v. 20; will win a good inheritance by patient industry, v. 21; will wait on the salvation of God, v. 22; will accept God's guidance, v. 24; will follow mercy and truth, v. 28; will be strong, and pure, and faithful. Such should be the glory of all young men and maidens if their old age shall be beautiful. v. 29."

-by F. B. Meyer on Proverbs 20 [Through the Bible Day by Day, Vol. III, ©1917]

"The glory of young men is their strength: and the beauty of old men is the grey head." -Proverbs 20:29

As a mother, this is an excellent prayer list for my children. As a young person, this is a clear checklist to live by in youth. Living these verses out in youth will bring glory to God now and in the future. It is a proven plan to be able to look back on life as an older person and see the beauty of God's workings.

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