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Stay Between the Lines

When my child was learning to color, I often said, "Stay between the lines." {Practice improves skill.}

Prayer: Lord, please help my child to be teachable that he/she will come to know You and become disciplined to walk with You.

When my child was learning to drive, I said, "Stay between the lines." {Rules and boundaries lend to safety.}

Prayer: Lord, please keep my child from sin and harm as he/she matures and gains independence.

When my child went to college, I said, "Stay between the lines." {Your personal decisions affect the rest of your life.}

Prayer: Lord, please give my child a passion to seek Your wisdom to make Biblical decisions.

When my child finished college, I said, "Stay between the lines." {God will lead you step by step within the boundaries of His will.}

Prayer: Lord, please give my child daily direction and confidence that Your ways are best.

When my child has begun his/her own home, I'll say, "Stay between the lines." {God blesses His divine design and order clearly defined in Scripture.}

Prayer: Lord, please strengthen my child – single or married – to honor You in all relationships and vocations, that You will be made known in the generations to come.

When my adult child feels that I am invading his/her independence [or] not getting involved when he/she might desire, please point them to You above my human inadequacies in motherhood. {Motherhood is a lifelong school of growth and grace.}

Prayer: Lord, please give me wisdom to stay between the lines available by the Holy Spirit. Help me to know what to speak, how to speak, when to speak, and when to speak only to God about a concern. Remind my child in some way today that You love him/her so much and understand his/her every heart beat.

Stay between the lines! ~ Still learning, Jeri Lynn


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