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The Cross Point

In my Bible Reading Challenge 60, part of the challenge is reading straight through from the beginning of Genesis to the end of Revelation on a faster than normal schedule. Finally reaching the New Testament in my reading is a point that delighted me. The day that I "crossed over" into the New Testament, I happened to be reading my Bible at our family dining room table. The Saturday was unusually and thankfully quiet. The winter air was chilly outside, yet there was a warmth I felt from the sunshine pouring in the nearby front window. With my handy dandy phone, I took a picture to record progress and to display where the ribbon marker was in relation to the whole Bible. When I reviewed the picture, I realized that the shadow of the window panes pictured a cross over my open Bible. Thus, I titled this post "The Cross Point."

The New Testament records the birth of Jesus Christ, His life and ministry on earth, His death on the cross, His burial into the same earthy ground that we walk on, His resurrection picturing our new life in Him at salvation, His ascension into Heaven, and promises His soon return. Have you come to "The Cross Point" in your life? Do you know Jesus died on the cross at Mount Calvary to cover the debt of my sin and your sin? Do you realize that we have all sinned? Do you know Jesus shed His precious blood in our stead? He loved us in our unloveliness. He gave His life that we might live forgiven of our sins and freed of the bondage sins wreaks. Forgiven and free!

If you have never read the New Testament before, or if it's been a long time since you have, I challenge you to read it along with me! Within it's pages, you will find the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

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