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When is Dad Coming Home?

Does your child have a dad who comes home to him or her? If you can thank the Lord for this type of home, then remember to do that. If your child doesn't have a dad who comes home, remember there is a Heavenly Father Who loves us all and gave His only Son for us. Do you know a mother who has the responsibility of raising children alone? Think about how you could show the love of our Heavenly Father to her and her child/children.

A few thoughts came to me from this little "notes on the door" moment in life. You can read the whole blog post by clicking on this link:

  1. Children have a built-in desire to please their dads.

  2. Children feel secure when dads acknowledge their gifts and needs.

  3. Children need dads.

  4. Children need time with their dads.

  5. Moms can influence children toward their daddy or away from him.

  6. Moms can help dads know when a child may need a little more of his attention.

  7. Little acts of kindness can be the greatest highlight of another’s day.

  8. Not all children have dads who come home.

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